Hello Scrubinistas!

Thanks to everyone for your great entries to our This Nurse Rocks contest!  It was a tough decision but here are the winners!!

Congratulations to Tiffany Krebs & her nominee Jody Veatch and Christine Hatfield & her nominee Nolene Ferguson!  All four will receive an iPad mini! 

Here is what Tiffany wrote about Jody:

“I am nominating Jody Veatch.  She was my son’s Primary nurse and charge nurse at Children’s hospital while he was four years old and undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. She showed so much compassion with him and the rest of our family during a very scary time in all of our lives. She taught us so much medically and inspired me to go to school to become a nurse as well. She touches so many families’ lives and helps them through very difficult times. She deals with very sick children on a daily basis and she knows just the right thing to say at the same time she is delivering amazing care. She has achieved so much professionally at a very young age without losing her love for her patients. She is an amazing nurse and person. She deserves this for all of her hard work and dedication!”

Here is what Christine wrote about Nolene:

“Nolene Ferguson is my nominee for ‘NURSES THAT ROCK’.  She was there at the Boston Bombing and unselfishly helped those in need!  She also travels to places where famine and poverty, and often unsanitary conditions , to help and  those who need medical assistance.  She is an angel and a hero and I couldn’t be prouder to have known her since high school, 25 yrs ago, and still I can call her a friend! Nolene doesn’t brag about all she does, even though sometimes it takes its toll, emotionally.  She continues on.  I am a CNA, and know the difficult job nurses have day in and day out.  Nolene is Clinical Director at Global Nurse Initiative and RN, CCU at UMass Memorial Medical Center.  She is truly a ‘ NURSE THAT ROCKS’!”


Thanks to these great nurses and to everyone who entered!  Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways!  Have a great Nurses Week!